365 days a year permanently with a six-pack – this is how I stay in shape

Today is about how I manage to have a six-pack consistently all year round.

I haven’t had a six-pack for a year now, it’s going to be two years. In this blog post, I want to explain to you how I manage to have a six-pack permanently. However, this is not a 1:1 guide to imitate.

The basic requirement for a permanent six-pack

Of course, in order to be able to keep a six-pack in the long term, you have to get a six-pack first. The way here is usually much more difficult.

The basic requirement for a permanent six-pack

Before I started exercising, I was miles away from a six-pack. I also thought for many years that I wasn’t even capable of having any visible abs at all.

I then first lost body fat and also got lean. However, I didn’t have enough muscle mass for my wish. At that time I decided to go for a muscle-building phase in which you also inevitably gain body fat. So I alternated between a diet and a build-up phase for several years.

After a few of those rounds and a total of 3 years of competing in bodybuilding in the Men’s Physique class, I decided that I didn’t want to compete anymore. At that point, I was also really happy and satisfied with the shape and muscle mass I had achieved.

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You have to feel comfortable

I’ve always felt more defined than bulky. Even if I was then perhaps stronger, this has never corresponded to my personal taste. Of course, anyone who feels different here doesn’t need a six-pack either. It is always important that you feel comfortable in your own skin!

my genetics

I certainly don’t have the very best genetics, but I certainly don’t have bad ones either. As you can see, I used to be quite chubby and had a few extra pounds on my hips.

However, I’m lucky that I don’t gain a lot of weight directly from a pizza or a burger or that I only store a lot of water in my body. Of course, that makes it much easier mentally if you feel good the next day and continue to eat consciously.

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functional training with a flexible diet

My key factors for a lasting six-pack

Factor 1 – muscle mass

An important point is the relatively high muscle mass that I have built up over several years. Every pound and every gram of muscle mass burns calories. It doesn’t matter if you’re awake or asleep. This increases the basal metabolic rate of calories that you can consume daily without gaining fat.

Factor 2 – Training and exercise

Shortly after my competitions ended, I started CrossFit in search of a new challenge. This is very functional training. In addition, you do a lot of HIIT workouts in Crossfit, which not only make you sweat but also burn a lot of calories.

In addition, I still do 1-2 days in the gym, where I train muscles in relative isolation, which are less stressed in CrossFit. These are, for example, often the chest or biceps and triceps.

Factor 3 – Diet

I’m pretty careful about my diet. In everyday life, I track my calories and macronutrients. I always make sure that I eat enough protein, don’t eat too much fat, and, above all, that I don’t have too few carbohydrates in my food.

Through the many diets and building phases, I got to know my body very well and I know how it works. At that time I had a very one-sided diet. Today I make sure that I eat a balanced and healthy diet. It not only tastes good, but you are also significantly more productive.

Of course, I also have a pizza, pasta, kebab, or ice cream here and there. However, in moderation and I include it in my daily calorie requirement.

Eat according to calories burned

I eat as many calories as my body burns each day. So I don’t gain any fat, but I don’t build any new muscles either. Through my training, I can still keep my muscles and thus my optical shape and the six-pack.


As you can see, it can work very well to keep a six-pack permanently in everyday life. It’s not particularly difficult for me either, but the way there was very “difficult” and took several years. It is important that you feel good about yourself. A six-pack shouldn’t automatically be the ultimate goal.

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