4 tips for a flat stomach: how it works!

Do you want a flat stomach? Many people find it particularly difficult to lose weight in the middle of the body. We’ll show you how it works!



Is It Really That Difficult To Get A Flat Stomach? You should know that:

  • Don’t overly focus on your problem areas: The more you perceive your stomach as a problem area, the less comfortable you will feel in your body. Think about your actual goals: Concentrate on a long-term healthy lifestyle and strong core muscles that will get you safely through your everyday life.
  • gas and fat: Nobody has a flat stomach 24/7. Even if you are losing belly fat, you will sometimes feel rounder and sometimes less round because of normal, diet-related bloating. A completely flat stomach is not a “normal” state of your body.

How fast can you get a flat stomach?

There is a lot of effort behind a tight core: In the beginning, there is a healthy lifestyle. Your love handles will not disappear overnight. But you can make sure that your stomach is not bloated. You should also avoid certain foods (e.g. legumes, cabbage vegetables, dairy products).

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4 tips for a flat(er) stomach

Do you train for hours every week at the gym for a flat stomach? Crunches don’t even have to be there. We’ll show you how to get rid of the bacon rolls around your stomach in no time.

1. Insider tip: intensive full-body workouts

Even targeted training is of little use if a layer of fat is covering your abs. That’s why full-body workouts do a lot more because they work for different muscle groups at the same time. You burn more calories and therefore more body fat. If you challenge yourself with the training intensity, you don’t have to spend hours in the studio. The motto is short and sweet.

Do you find it difficult to challenge yourself alone? Then find one training partner for your workout!

2. A strong middle

The best exercise for a strong core is a plank (Forearm Plank). At the same time, a strong core means you’ll get stronger overall, get fitter in all athletic activities, and create better exercise execution. Aside from your core, the plank also trains your balance, back, and chest muscles. Even your legs are strained with this exercise.

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3. Skip the alcohol

The point is also important for a flat stomach: Alcohol not only contains many (empty) calories but also ensures that estrogen is released – which in turn is associated with weight gain. So if you want to have a nice, flat stomach, you need to keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum.

4. Healthy eating

As already mentioned, healthy eating is the be-all and end-all. Our tips:

Avoid heavily processed foods, microwave dishes, fast food, chips, soft drinks, and the like. The sugar they contain and the high salt content make for particularly stubborn love handles.

Whole food is the magic word: fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats. How about one Asparagus risotto or Sweet potato salad with honey mustard dressing?

drinks also lots of water. This boosts your metabolism and doesn’t bloat your stomach unnecessarily. Other drinks can also counteract flatulence.

plank position


Getting a flat stomach isn’t a quick, on-the-go project, but it’s not impossible either.

Before you set this goal, be aware that it will likely require major changes in your diet and current lifestyle. Plan training sessions, watch your diet, drink less alcohol, and strengthen your core – this will get you closer to your goal.

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