Abductors: Muscle Groups In The Body

The Task Of Abductors

Abductors are muscles that help spread body parts away from the body. They are found on parts of the body such as arms, hands, and legs.

For example, abductors on the hands ensure that you can spread your fingers. Legs allow you to pull them away from your body and arms allow you to lift them.

In order to then pull your body parts back towards the body, the opponents of abductors are used: the adductors.

Abductors In The Thigh

The abductors in the thighs are particularly important. They serve as a hip stabilizer and are activated automatically as soon as you walk or run. Consequently, they are responsible for coordinating our movements.

If the abductors in your thighs are well trained, they also stabilize your pelvic muscles and relieve knee and back pain. The abductors in the hamstrings are a muscle group made up of three glutes. These include the musculus gluteus medius, the musculus gluteus minimus and the musculus piriformis.

Exercising these three buttock muscles not only promotes your coordination but also automatically prevents sports injuries. Because if these abductors are well trained, you avoid overstretching and muscle tears.

That’s why you should always warm up with targeted stretching exercises before your sports sessions, such as jogging or training in the gym.

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Train The Gluteus Medius, Minimus And Piriformis

The main task of these abductors is to spread the thighs and stabilize the hips and leg axis. With targeted exercises, these abductors can be trained and not only give you more fitness but also strengthen your lower back and tighten your bottom.

Training Abductors At Home

Side Leg Raises

A classic exercise is the side leg raise. This exercise is to be performed standing up and without any additional equipment.

Stand up straight. Your feet should be hip-width apart. Standing steady, slowly lift one leg out to the side as far as you can. Hold this position for a few seconds and then pull your leg back toward your body. By pulling your leg back against your body, you practically train your adductors at the same time.

This is because abductors and adductors are located opposite each other at the joints because they are responsible for the opposite movement. If you have trouble standing in a stable position at first, use a chair and hold onto the backrest.

Is this exercise easy for you to master? Then grab a dumbbell. If you want to raise your left leg sideways, take the dumbbell in your left hand and place it on your thigh. The additional weight in your hand and on your thighs means that you train with increased effort and require both abductors and adductors.

Alternatively, a resistance band can also be placed around the thighs to increase the effort.

Side Leg Raises


Squats are often referred to as squats these days. With these, you train the abductors in your buttocks and hips, your balance and mobility, and also stabilize your knees. To perform straight squats, assume a wide stance.

Your feet should be about shoulder-width apart. Cross your arms behind your head and stretch your elbows back. In this way, you also strengthen your back muscles during your training. Before you bend your knees, stretch your butt out backward.

Make sure that you tense your stomach and don’t arch your back too much. This bends your hips and specifically trains the abductors on the hip joint. Then slowly lower your upper body down until it is below your knee joints.

If you find this exercise difficult at first, only go as deep as you can at first. To return to the starting position, push yourself up over your heels. It is important that both feet remain flat on the floor.


Train Abductors In The Gym

Abductor Machine

With the abductor machine in the gym, you train the abductors, which are located on the outside of the thighs. Sit upright in the exercise machine and press your torso tightly against the backrest and your knees tightly against the side pads.

With a targeted movement in your thighs, push the cushions outwards. It is important that you do this movement slowly and without momentum. The same applies when you bring your legs back to your body.

Leg Press

You can also train the abductors in your thighs with a leg press. You’ll also get your glutes, hamstrings, and calves in shape on this piece of equipment. The exercises on the leg press are easy to perform and particularly effective since you can decide for yourself how much weight you want to lift during your leg press training, depending on your level of fitness.

It is important for the additional training of the abductors that you place your feet close together. Once you have positioned yourself correctly, push the footrest forward. Hold this position for a few seconds before returning your legs to the starting position in a slow, controlled manner.

Relieve Pain By Training The Abductors

Overstretching or tension in the back often occurs in everyday life, or strain injuries or muscle tears occur during sports. This is precisely why it is important to train and strengthen your abductors.

The main focus during training should be on the gluteus medius. Because if this is trained, you will have a better sense of balance and strong pelvic and back muscles. With targeted exercises, you can prevent back and knee problems or alleviate pain in these areas.

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