Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight exercises instead of a gym

Tired of an expensive gym membership? No problem! Our bodyweight training plan gets you in better shape than any gym. Whether in the park, at home in the living room, traveling, or on the beach – you can do these fitness exercises without equipment spontaneously and anywhere.

All you need is your own body weight. We have put together the 12 most effective bodyweight exercises for you.

Your bodyweight training plan

The best way to do the training with your own body weight is in a circle. Do the exercises with your own weight in quick succession. You can either orientate yourself after a set time, eg one to two minutes per exercise.

Or you determine a certain number of repetitions for each fitness exercise. The repetitions for each bodyweight exercise are of course different – after all, you can do a lot more sit-ups than push-ups.

You should try to complete the bodyweight training plan three to four times a week – if possible not on subsequent days so that your muscles can regenerate.

You can support your body in building muscle by supplying proteins. For example with that Women’s Best Fit Pro Whey Protein ensures optimal muscle growth after training.

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Ready for your bodyweight training? Here we go!


Starting position: Lie face down on the floor or an exercise mat with your arms outstretched, about 3 feet apart, and at right angles to your body. Keep your back straight throughout the exercise.

  • Allow your body to sink almost to the floor by bending your elbows.
  • Push yourself off the floor and return to the starting position by tightening your chest muscles.
  • Repeat this movement as often as specified on your bodyweight training plan.

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Push-Up Squat Jump:

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