Fitness Exercises For Your Full Body Workout

Stomach, legs, buttocks, and more: These workout exercises will make you fit all over

For a well-trained body, you don’t have to spend half an eternity in the gym, you just have to know the right workout exercises. Hours of pedaling on the cross trainer are often a complete waste of time. A full-body training plan with HIIT sessions and intensive circuit training is much more effective.

What is a full-body workout?

With so-called full body workouts, several muscle groups are addressed and trained at the same time, so you can achieve much better results in a short time than with conventional fitness exercises.

With every full body workout, you not only set new muscle stimuli but also push your fat burning to the maximum. This creates an afterburn effect that allows the metabolism to work harder long after the fitness training session.

Best of all, you can do the fitness exercises at home. Sports equipment or membership in the gym are not necessary. So what are you waiting for, let’s start circuit training.

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Your full-body training plan for an effective full-body workout

The basic rule for your full body workout is that each fitness exercise of circuit training requires a load of 30 to 60 seconds (depending on your physical condition) and an active break between the fitness exercises of about half the time (or less).

You should always warm up with a light cardio training session beforehand, for example, you can run or jump rope for 10 minutes. For an extra metabolism kick, short cardio units are built into the circuit training. Repeat the fitness exercises at home as often as possible and vary the course of the full-body training plan.

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Here is your full body workout training plan:

1. Push-ups

Starting position: Lie face down on the floor or an exercise mat with your arms outstretched, about 3 feet apart, and at right angles to your body. Keep your back straight throughout the fitness exercise.

  • Allow your body to sink almost to the floor by bending your elbows.
  • Push yourself off the floor and return to the starting position by tightening your chest muscles.
  • Repeat this movement the number of times specified on your full body workout plan.

2. Plank

Starting position: The position of this workout exercise is very similar to the push-up position. The only difference between the two fitness exercises is that your forearms touch the ground. Position your forearms parallel to your body so that they form a straight line with your body.

  • Tighten your abs and make sure your body isn’t arching in any direction. (Don’t bend your hips!)
  • Repeat this fitness exercise the number of times specified on your full body workout plan.

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