Gym With Child Care

Do not worry! Just bring your kids with you. Your children between the ages of 0 and 8 are always well looked after! Even if you come by for a first trial session or would like to use our wellness area after your training session, we will take care of your children responsibly.

Everyday Life Is More Exuberant

It’s no secret: that physical activity has a positive effect on your health. And not only that! Anyone who works out regularly and integrates exercise into everyday life reduces stress and increases feelings of happiness.

What could be more convenient for you than childcare on our premises while you can work out in our fitness studios? Follow our courses as usual while our specialist staff looks after your children. After all, the little ones also benefit when mum and dad do their workout.

Because with a workout you promote your physical and mental health and create an improved inner balance, which helps you to be more exuberant, even when raising children.

Everyday Life Is More Exuberant

Meaningful Activities In The Meridians Kids Clubs

In clubs with childcare, They not only keep your children sensibly busy. You also have the opportunity to register your children for a wide variety of children’s activities. In our varied program, They encourage your children’s creativity, motor skills, and movement.

For children between the ages of 0 and 8 years, Meridian’s childcare is available in each of the clubs. Your offspring can let off steam and develop further here – always under supervision, of course. The support lasts up to 105 minutes.

And the great thing about it? You can take advantage of our childcare from Monday to Sunday.

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Meridians Kids Program

To ensure that childcare is a complete success, you can choose from up to 8 courses for your little ones. These include:

  • Scooter Squad
  • Action Squad
  • football squad
  • lego squad
  • Sports Squad
  • club night
  • Fantasy Squad
  • Art & Design

With us, you know that your children are well looked after and can train carefree or alternatively relax with a soothing beauty treatment.

Afterward, you can have a delicious snack or a refreshing drink together as a family in our club room. The kids can especially look forward to the children’s menu.

An Excerpt From Our Meridini Kids Children’s Program

An Excerpt From Our Meridini Kids Children's Program

This is what you can expect

For the first impression, we would like to suggest Sports Squad and Fantasy Squad.

Sports Squad is just the right thing for children who are just as crazy about sports as their parents and like to work out. Every week, a new sport is presented during childcare in our fitness studio, which the kiddies can get to know better through exciting exercises.

In this way, the little ones learn at an early age what types of sports there are and what to expect from them. Discovered in a team, this not only promotes the fitness of the children but also togetherness.

Fantasy Squad focuses on unforgettable childcare experiences. Meridian Kids Team takes the little ones on an imaginative journey full of adventure.

With exciting stories, the children can let their imagination run wild. Whether it’s handicrafts, singing, dancing, or romping around – in the Fantasy Squad, stories are not only told but also lived.

Our goal is that your children are not only looked after by us but also encouraged and challenged through our Meridian Kids program. Games and fun are of course the top priority.

With Meridian Kids Team, your children are in good hands and will be kept busy. So you can pursue an intensive workout in our fitness studio without any worries or enjoy a moment for yourself in our wellness area.

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