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A lot has changed in the last year due to the current situation: More home officesless movement in everyday life, and more sitting, often followed by tension.

Less and less movement in everyday life

I have noticed how my everyday life has moved more and more between bed – kitchen – desk. And sometimes, after a few long days at the desk. So it was good to get up and stretch your spine again.

It’s not just me but also a large part of the German population. Due to the new home office situation, some did not have the opportunity to purchase the same devices as in the office. Often a temporary workplace is furnished, which is anything but back-friendly. In addition, due to its incorrect loads on the spine and muscles of the back.

Variety is the be-all and end-all

It is particularly important for the spine to move in various ways and to change position repeatedly. In addition, it is not the correct sitting position. There are, or rather, the intervertebral discs, vertebral bodies, and muscles burdened and relieved in ever new ways. That’s how it stays back supple, and pain doesn’t stand a chance. And another plus point: the posture improves.

How does back-friendly work succeed?

The ergonomic setup of the workplace is important. It means adjusting the chair, desk, and computer based on personal body measurements.

My new desk

Here I have a height adjustable desk discovered for me. The large worktop (180 x 80 cm) gives me enough space for my computer with a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and notes for productive work.

My new desk

Simply pressing the buttons can move the table height quietly to any position. If you have found a suitable one for yourself, you can also delete it with one click to save. So you always have your best sitting and standing position at hand.

For one, clean look at my workplace. I have the table directly with the cable tray, and the spiral cable ordered. So let all unsightly hide cables while the table one Height adjustability without restrictions keeps!

Height adjustability without restrictions

What is a height-adjustable desk good for?

Since the back prefers to be moved, a height-adjustable desk gives you many options. Keep moving your spine in the course of everyday work. Sitting for 30 minutes, then standing for 1 hour – this is how the body gets moving. I’ve also noticed that I like to take a few steps to the left and right when I’m standing. The large work surface allows me to do this, so standing feels easy and relaxed.

Desk, Standing, Ergotopia, Height Adjustable

What else can you do for your back health?

Movement is the keyword here – take advantage of every opportunity your way! Maybe walk to another supermarket or around the block for 10 minutes on your lunch break – every step counts. In addition, you lower your stress level, which may have built up during the working day, after a short walk.

But a few short Strengthening and stretching exercises can work wonders for tension.

And don’t delay! It’s best to start doing something for your health right now. Even if you don’t have any problems right now, the older you get, the more likely you will suffer back pain.

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