HIIT Workout Routines

Ate a few too many cookies during the holidays? We’ll make you FIT again with HIT – without any equipment or a gym!

By the end of January at the latest, all New Year’s resolutions are old news. The main reason for giving up too quickly? Most people still prefer to stand on the cross trainer for an hour to get rid of their Christmas pounds. Lost time! Because it’s not really effective.

If you want to lose weight quickly after Christmas, it is best to train short and sweet and not for hours and moderately, as was previously assumed. “High-Intensity Training“, HIT for short. Beginners who can persevere will be done after 20 minutes and only have to train three times a week. Here we go!

Of course, losing weight is also a matter of diet. Check HIIT Benefits here.

Get rid of Christmas pounds – workout routine:

This is how the anti-holly fat training works:

  • Do each exercise for 30 seconds
  • It is best for beginners to only do 2 rounds at first
  • Advanced users can also try 3-4 rounds

HIIT workout warm-up:

10 minutes jump rope

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HIIT Workout Routines:

Crouch-Stretch Jump:

starting position: Standing

  • Squat down with both hands on the floor.
  • Jump back with both legs while keeping your arms straight.
  • Jump forward with both legs, from push-up position to squat.
  • Jump as high as you can while also using your arms to gain momentum.
  • Repeat this exercise as often as your workout plan calls for.

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