Hula Hoop Fitness: You need to know that about the current hype!

Hula hoops are seeing a renewed popularity right now! Because he is a true fitness all-rounder in terms of effectiveness and extent of the muscles used during training.

Become part of the latest fitness trends now and learn more about the advantages of hula hoop workouts in the article, how you can use hula hoop training to build muscle healthily and effectively, melt excess pounds, promote your blood circulation, and what you should do when choosing the right one tires should definitely be observed!

The hula hoop is back in fashion

The hula hoop is currently experiencing enormous hype! Because it is a true fitness all-rounder and addresses different muscle groups during the workout.

Find out everything you need to know about hula hoop fitness now! For example, what advantages hula hoop training has, how you can build muscle healthily and effectively with the hula hoop, melt excess pounds, and what you should definitely consider when choosing the right hoop!

Hula hoop: THE all-rounder among fitness equipment

Hula hooping (often just called hooping in English-speaking countries) is THE fitness trend par excellence for several reasons: on the one hand, training with the fitness hoop not only activates various muscle groups but also increases well-being and is a lot of fun!

On the other hand, you don’t need a lot of space or equipment to start with your hula fitness. The entry-level prices for tires are also affordable. Hula hooping works anytime, anywhere! There are even collapsible hula hoops for on the go, which can be transported at any time or stowed away to save space. This makes tire training ideal for your fitness program at home. Especially in times of home office & Co.

Is hula hoop healthy?

Yes, because a regular hula hoop workout not only trains different visible muscle groups but also your heart. The workout is also important for the cardiovascular system. So it’s a good thing that the hula hoop workout can be done anytime and anywhere.

Who is hula hoop training suitable for?

The hula hoop is an effective all-purpose fitness weapon for both recreational athletes and advanced users. Since the stress on the ankle and knee joints is relatively low during hoop training compared to other sports such as jogging, the hula hoop is also a suitable workout for people who want to lose weight.

hula hoop training

What are the benefits of the hula hoop workout?

A hula hoop workout is a true full-body workout! Because during training, the hula hoop is swung around the body with circular hip movements. It allows you to train your abs, legs, and buttocks in just a few minutes a day!

Other advantages of the hula hoop workout are:

  • Reduction in abdominal girth
  • Strengthening of the muscles
  • tightening of the connective tissue
  • Improving coordination and mobility
  • Promotion of your condition and blood circulation
  • Stimulating the metabolism and your internal organs
  • Strengthening of calorie consumption and endurance

In particular, the reduction in abdominal circumference is THE decisive reason for many hula hoop beginners to train with the fitness hoop! Because the fact is that the fitness ring can also contribute to weight loss. Of course, other factors are also important when it comes to weight loss, such as a healthy diet or suitable fitness supplements that also support you in losing weight or in the regeneration process.

And if the weight reduction does not work as desired, we have listed 10 reasons why you are not losing weight in this article.

What other positive effects does hula hooping have?

Hula hoops also improve posture in the long term. By strengthening the core muscles on the abdomen and back, they become more upright, so the training should not only help with weight loss but also with pelvic floor and back problems.

How effective is the hula hoop?

Hula-Hoop Fitness primarily strengthens the middle of the body and is ideal for anyone who, for example, wants to get fitter and at the same time wants to do something for their figure, as the stomach and waist are tightened. You will also improve your physical condition, which has a positive effect on your heart and circulation. Hula-Hoop Fitness also promotes your coordination and sense of balance.

How effective is the hula hoop

Which muscles does the hula hoop train?

The hula hoop is an effective full-body workout that not only strengthens your torso but also your leg muscles. With the Hula Hoop, however, the middle of the body (English: core) is strengthened in particular, i.e. your stomach, waist, and back muscles.

With a hula hoop, you can therefore actively and very effectively build muscles. Due to the circular, recurring movement, several muscle groups are used and trained effectively at the same time.

A hula hoop workout, therefore, requires the following muscle groups:

  • abs
    The large abdominal muscles must be tightened to hold the training hoop. The lower-lying, smaller abdominal muscles are also trained the better you can let the fitness tire rotate.
  • buttocks and core muscles
  • thigh muscles
  • back muscles

What weight and tire size should I take as a beginner?

Consider the size and weight of your hoops when practicing hula hooping. A wide range of tire types, sizes, and weights are available. Whether you’re on vacation or on a business trip, there are tires that may be dismantled while you’re away.

When shopping for a hula hoop for fitness, keep in mind the following general rule:

With larger and heavier hula hoops, beginners will find it simpler to swing and less taxing on their hips.

You can find further distinguishing criteria in the following overview:

Hula hoop beginners Experienced hula hoop users
big tire

The larger the tire diameter, the less your hips have to “swing”.

small tire

The smaller the tire diameter, the more your hips have to move.

Heavier tire

The heavier the tire, the stronger the centrifugal forces. Therefore, such a tire is ideal for beginners.

However, this only applies up to a certain weight, otherwise, the hoop has to be played faster again to keep it moving.

lighter tire

The lighter the tire, the lower the centrifugal forces. Therefore, the lighter tire is “harder” to keep moving.

Ideal for getting started, for fat burning and muscle building. Ideal for more advanced exercises, dance & tricks.

What tires are there and which one suits me?

In addition to tire weight and size, there are many other tire characteristics that you can consider in the purchasing process. For example, there are weighted, dismountable, foldable, or ergonomically shaped training tires with and without nubs or massage effects. There are also tires, especially for children, or hoops, which include a skipping rope for your extra cardio boost!

Also, the tire’s height in relation to your height is critical. Hula hoops should reach your navel when you are standing upright, as a general rule of thumb. If it is larger or smaller, you should rather choose a different model.

How often should I train with the hula hoop as a beginner?

In order to avoid overloading, you should only do a few training sessions per week, especially at the beginning. Start with short units and then gradually increase. A few minutes of training a day is enough, to begin with.

For example, you could start with 3 to 5 minutes of hula hoop training per day and then gradually increase it by 1-2 minutes per unit so as not to risk overstressing your joints, skin, or muscles. Advanced users already train for at least 10 minutes, often even longer with the tire – several times a week.

What else should you consider during your hula workout

Although training with the fitness tire is suitable for losing weight, consuming calories is healthy and promotes muscle growth, there are certain things you should keep in mind, especially as a beginner.

Especially with beginners, overexertion can sometimes occur in the form of bruises, sore muscles, or back pain. Rotating your hips during training is not an everyday movement and is therefore unfamiliar to your body. Therefore, you should initially limit your training to a few units per week. Also, give your skin time to get used to the new strain.

If you have hip joint problems or pain, you should avoid swinging your hips while hooping and generally switch to sports that are gentler on the joints, such as aqua jogging, swimming, or cycling.

Also important: In addition to the hula hoop fitness training, you should eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water!

More tips for your next fitness session

Make sure you wear close-fitting sportswear so that the hoop can rotate easily and tightly against the body. Otherwise, it can happen that your clothes get in the way of your workout.

In addition, breathable sportswear, such as a fitness shirt, supports your well-being during particularly hard or longer training sessions. A sports towel should not be missing either!

Do you still need a suitable outfit for your hula hoop workout?

Let’s get started – Hula hoop exercise instructions for beginners

The best way to start hulling is as follows:

  1. Hold your hula hoop at waist height with your feet positioned about shoulder-width apart in the direction you are facing.
  2. Now tighten your stomach and place the hoop on your lower back with your hands.
  3. Now slowly move your hips left and right OR forward and back. You can also put one leg forward to stand more stable.


  • You should pay attention to this:
    Breathe in and out as evenly as possible during the movement.
  • Women’s Best Hula-Hoop PRO Advanced Tips:
    Advanced users can use tires with a smaller diameter. The centrifugal forces are lower here and it becomes more difficult to keep the tire moving. There are also countless hoops that are specifically designed for advanced users due to their materials and weight.

What exercises can I do with the hoops?

With the right tire, you can perform different exercises that vary in scope, muscle group focus, and intensity. Starting with actual training exercises, e.g. basic exercises, you can also use the tire for various stretching or stretching exercises, squats, etc., and thus make your training program more varied.

Effective weight loss and more fun through training flexibility

If you vary your movements from time to time during training, you not only bring more flexibility into your training but also increase your movement security and also make your workout more fun! Changing the direction of rotation of the hoop or the hoop angle, for example by bending slightly forward when hula-hooping, already provides variety.

Build more workout variants into your training as you wish and thus ensure more training flexibility, e.g.:

  • Slow walking
  • Change of leg position or own direction of rotation
  • change leg

Apart from the possible exercise variants and the possibility of hula hooping indoors or outdoors in the fresh air, you can bring additional momentum to your hula workout with your favorite music, a podcast, or an exciting series. So there is no boredom even with advanced units of more than 15 minutes!

Not completely convinced of hooping yet? Then check out this article for an effective body workout!

Facts about the trend sports hula hoop:

  • The hula hoop training tightens muscles and connective tissue all over the body
  • The hula hoop is also very good for losing weight
  • The calorie consumption for 60 minutes of Hula Hoop is between 400-900 Kcal
  • There are different hula hoop types that differ in size, weight, color, and materials
  • The bigger your hoop, the easier your workout will be!
  • An ideal hula hoop should reach from your belly button to the floorBereits 15 min Hula-Hoop Workout in sustainable weight loss and the healthy activation of the metabolism.

Conclusion: Hula-Hoop: With fun to a slimmer waist and a healthier body!

The hula hoop, a childhood favorite, is making a resurgence as a powerful all-purpose workout tool! Hula hooping is a great workout option for those who prefer to work from home, as it requires minimal space, is inexpensive, and can be done anywhere.

When used correctly, hip rotation results in a smaller waist, flatter stomach, and tighter skin. The tire workout also stimulates your metabolism. Happy hula hooping!

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