Learn The Splits In Just Two Weeks – Here’s How

You can’t even touch your toes, but you really want to learn how to do the splits? How quickly this works depends on your age and training level. With a little patience and perseverance, the splits can in principle be learned by anyone. With our tips, we will get you to your destination in just two weeks!

1. Find the right clothes for your splits workout

Either you wear something loose or you wear very elastic stretchy clothing. The clothes should not be tight or too tight. Socks also make your split exercises easier, as they allow you to slide back and forth on the floor better.

2. Warm up your muscles before stretching

Before you start stretching, a good warm-up program is a must! Proper preparation for your split training reduces the risk of injury and your muscles become more elastic. You achieve higher mobility and flexibility. 5 to 10 minutes of easy running, skipping, biking, or dancing is enough to warm up.

3. Train your mobility with regular stretching exercises

Try to incorporate a regular “stretching routine” into your day: Stretch twice a day for at least 15 minutes. The rule here is the more, the better. It is best to concentrate on those muscle groups that are most important for the splits. We have compiled the best stretching exercises for the thighs, hips, and loin for you here.

  • Stretching exercise: butterfly pose
    The butterfly pose stretch is great for stretching the pelvic area. To do this, bend your legs while sitting and press the soles of your feet against each other. Then pull your feet towards your body and push your knees down. Try to push your knees towards the ground as far as possible until you feel a pull. Hold this position for about 60 seconds.
  • Stretching Exercise: Stretching in a lunge
    Do a lunge and lean forward with your body until you feel a pull in your legs and pelvis. Stretch as much as possible. Your shin touches the ground. For 60 seconds, maintain this posture; then, alternate legs.
  • Stretching Exercise: Thigh stretches against the wall
    This stretch targets the thighs and lower back. Lie on your back near a straight wall. Position yourself so that your body is perpendicular to the wall. Lift your legs and place them as high as you can against the wall while keeping your lower back on the floor. Grab your toes with your hands (as far as you can). Hold this stretch for 30 seconds. Then repeat all exercises.
  • Stretching exercise: the (half) splits
    Get into the splits position and lean forward as far as you can while supporting your weight with your hands (like doing push-ups). Important: don’t overdo it. Forcing a split can result in painful injuries that limit your flexibility. Therefore, it is better to be patient, you will soon see the first successes.

Pay attention to your breathing while exercising

Relax and try to breathe calmly and evenly. Sometimes you accidentally hold your breath while stretching. Unfortunately, this is counterproductive, since breathing causes the muscles to relax. So: take a deep breath and persevere!

Be patient, learning the splits takes time

Of course, stretching is never really comfortable and pulling in the muscles is normal and necessary when stretching! Never try to force a stretch, however, or you can easily injure yourself.

Learning the splits takes time. But if you train every day, you’ll get better step by step. One final tip: don’t stop once you’ve achieved the splits. Keep stretching your muscles or you’ll lose your hard-earned flexibility. Have fun practicing!

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