New Year’s Resolutions: There are a thousand reasons to give up. Find your one reason to keep at it!

It’s that time again… A new year has begun and a lot of good resolutions are being made just in time for the turn of the year! Most of us start the new year with firm resolutions – hoping that 2022 will be different and that this time we will see it through to the end.

But every year we fall victim to old habits, our goals were set high and we finally give up. We come up with convenient excuses for not doing something. Either we have too much to do, we are too tired, too weak, or too scared… Does that sound familiar to you?

In fact, over 50% of women make New Year’s resolutions and the majority of them are related to fitness and health. But after the first three months, only 8% made it through. Do you want to know how you can be just as successful? Yes? Then it’s time to find your WHY.

As the new year begins, most people focus on the end goal, WHAT they want to achieve: eating healthier, shedding a few pounds, or exercising 3 times a week. If these resolutions have not been kept in the past, they usually worry about HOW they can get the desired result: for example through a healthier diet, a diet plan, or a gym membership. But hardly anyone ever thinks about the big picture – the WHY.

Why do I want to eat healthier?

Why do I want to lose weight?

Why do I want to get fitter?

The failure of these New Year’s resolutions is often inevitable because many people do not even realize why they started them in the first place. You shouldn’t copy or dictate your resolutions to anyone else.

Finding a meaningful reason why YOU want to change is crucial to lasting change. When your motivation wanes, you need a compelling reason WHY you shouldn’t give up.

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For example, many people plan to lose weight. Reasons or the WHY could be here:

  • to feel better
  • to be more confident
  • to be healthier
  • to have more energy

So when you diet to feel better and be more confident, you give meaning to your goal. When you know WHY you are doing something, it will be easier for you not to give up when times are tough.

Here are a few guiding examples on how to find your personal reason – the why behind the what:

  • I want to go to the gym regularly so I can feel stronger and more confident
  • I would like to eat healthier so that I have more energy in everyday life
  • I want to try new workouts so that I can enjoy sports more
  • I want to stretch more so I can avoid unnecessary injuries in 2022 and feel less tense
  • I want to start yoga so I can be more balanced in my life
  • I want to start running so I can move my body more

Let’s take the first example: I want to go to the gym regularly to feel stronger

The goal (and WHAT) is to get to the gym regularly, and the purpose (WHY) is to “feel stronger and more confident”.

Now let’s assume you have the same What & Why. Whenever you don’t feel like going to the gym, you need to remind yourself why you wanted to go in the first place. So when you’re about to give up, you have to keep in mind why you’re doing it:

“I want to do it because I want to feel strong and because it helps me boost my confidence”.

Once you know the reason behind your goal, it will be easier for you to motivate yourself and stick with it.

That’s why it’s crucial that you take a moment for yourself at the beginning of the year and ask yourself: WHY do I want to do WHAT and why is it important to me? #FindYourWhy

Grab a pen and write your WHY on your mirror, stick a note on your fridge, or find some other way to face it on a daily basis.

Your WHY will be your reason to do it!


This year we want to empower each of you to be the best version of yourself with our #FindYourWhy Community Challenge.

This challenge is not about being better than others or achieving a specific goal.

It’s also not about who makes the biggest (physical) change or who can run the fastest 5 km – quite the opposite.

#FindYourWhy is all about your personal journey of changing your life. Everyone has individual motivations and that’s a good thing. The reason why you want to change something is exactly that: YOUR reason. Make YOURSELF a priority!

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