Outdoor Fitness

Training in the fresh air for better well-being

Outdoor fitness is becoming increasingly important. Not surprising. Because it has some advantages. Did you know that exercising in the fresh air strengthens your immune system, helps with insomnia, lowers blood pressure, provides our body with sufficient vitamin D from sunlight, and thus helps us to feel better?

We offer outdoor fitness at various locations in Hamburg, Berlin, and Kiel so that you can benefit as much as possible from your training in the open air. And it’s completely free for members and non-members alike!

Why is it worth exercising outside?

Why train outside when the gym is open? This is a question that many ask themselves. Finally, in the gym there is a whole range of fitness equipment and courses that allow you, for example, to specifically train the muscles that you want to define. But who says you can’t do that with outdoor fitness?

From April, our fitness trainers will again be offering a variety of outdoor courses at various David Lloyd Meridian locations. These courses help you to reduce stress, fill up with unlimited fresh oxygen, fill up your vitamin D balance and feel healthy all around.

How about a round of Wake Up Yoga, our Gym Outdoor course, or our Body and Soul full-body workout? You can experience how you can get fit again in a group with outdoor activities.

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5 Good Reasons For Outdoor Fitness

Reason 1: Training in the fresh air strengthens the immune system

There are lots of exercises that you can do outdoors to train your abs, legs, and buttocks as well as endurance and coordination. You subconsciously strengthen your immune system at the same time as you do outdoor fitness.

The changing temperatures outdoors challenge your immune system. It has to constantly adapt to new circumstances. This promotes your blood circulation and strengthens your defenses and your immune system in the long term. Fortunately, thanks to outdoor fitness, your body is more resistant to colds and the like.

Reason 2: Reduce stress effectively through outdoor fitness

Sport is good for you and helps to reduce stress! If you move from the gym to the outdoors, stress reduction is even more effective. Because it has been proven that just 20 minutes of outdoor training helps to reduce the level of stress hormones.

After a long, hectic day at work, how about our outdoor course Yoga in the park in one of the most beautiful parks in Kiel? Together in a group, you can recharge your batteries in our outdoor course, improve your well-being, and, above all, get rid of your stress.

Reduce stress effectively through outdoor fitness

Reason 3: Training stimuli change due to changing surfaces

During a workout in the gym, you train on and with fitness equipment that meets a certain standard. Even the floor is standardized. As a result, your body is always exposed to the same stresses and stimuli during a training session.

Outdoor fitness, on the other hand, provides plenty of variety. When training outdoors, you can primarily enjoy different surfaces such as grass, sand, or hills. Stairs can also be perfectly integrated into an outdoor workout.

Use branches, park benches, or even playground equipment to take your functional training outside. You will notice that outdoor fitness involves a wide variety of training stimuli and ensures effective full-body training.

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Reason 4: Outdoor fitness for more vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is common, especially on cold winter days. Because the absorption of vitamin D is promoted by daylight. Snuggling up under the corner in winter or doing a workout at the gym does not promote vitamin D absorption.

As a result, you are probably often exhausted, tired, or even in a bad mood. Because a lack of vitamin D has a negative effect on our psyche, among other things. It is all the more important that you integrate outdoor fitness into your everyday life.

With an outdoor workout, you favor the absorption of the so-called sun vitamin through the daylight and do something good for the body and soul. Your bones and muscles also benefit from it.

An adequate supply of vitamin D regulates calcium in your body. This is important for building muscles. Because calcium helps the muscles to absorb the necessary proteins.

Reason 5: Together to succeed through outdoor workouts

Anyone who has opted for outdoor fitness can look forward to an outdoor workout in a small group on our courses. This way you can motivate each other and be guided by one of our qualified trainers. Push yourself to success together and benefit from the group dynamics to get the best out of yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s exercising for the back or for more endurance, strength, and mobility – it’s better to train together with like-minded people!

Together to succeed through outdoor workouts

Outdoor Fitness For Everyone

Since it is worth training outside, we would like to offer everyone the opportunity to take part in our outdoor courses. Look forward to a varied workout in the fresh air, during which you strengthen your immune system, reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, fill up on vitamin D, and much more.

If you are interested in equipment training in addition to varied courses, you will of course also find what you are looking for. But no matter whether outdoor fitness or indoor fitness – one thing is important to us: We want to take your fitness to a new level and accompany you on the way to your personal best!

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