Regeneration While You Sleep

What does that mean?

Regeneration: In terms of sport, it means that after a previous activity (e.g., a workout), the body’s regenerative processes must initiate to be the original balance to regain. For example, when you train, you demand a lot of physical and mental stress from your body. After such a workout means Repairing cells, compensating for dehydration, and relaxing the muscles and mind.

Depending on the training condition, age, gender, and intensity of the training, the time that the body needs to get back to a rested and efficient state varied. Therefore, it is particularly important to regenerate your body well after intensive sessions.

What happens if you don’t take breaks?

You’ve probably felt the same way: You’re super motivated, do one workout after the other, maybe even do one more unit. You do everything according to plan, but the weights don’t increase, you feel tense and not rested, and you also have a restless sleep. On the contrary, you often have to reduce the training intensity – but you have trained hard.

It is a classic example of when the body does not get enough rest. The Performance in training decreases man feels weak and maybe even is more susceptible to infections.

We are also talking about here Principle of super-compensation: If the next training stimulus comes too early (or too late), Performance during training cannot improve.

How do I regenerate properly?

For me, these three points play a decisive role in my regeneration!


Pay attention to wholesome foods that provide nutrients and help your body to get fit again after training.

Depending on the training goal, personal preferences, and individual body composition, this can vary. For the average athlete, a combination of natural carbohydrates, protein, some fat, vitamins, and minerals is optimal. Here, for example, a porridge with protein powder, nut butter, and some fruit. Or classic rice, with fish and vegetables.

Equally important is the fluid intake during and after training, especially after sweaty sessions.

Active Regeneration

There are different ways. Light physical activities (walking, relaxed cycling) or mobilization (Yoga, Pilates, stretching) can help you Accelerate regeneration processes in the body. However, it mustn’t exhaust you too much, which would mean stress for the body. It would, in turn, lengthen the rest period.


You probably know the feeling after a long day or a hard workout: your body is exhausted and longs for rest and sleep. And this is particularly important: Many processes take place in the body during sleep which allows you to start the day freshly recovered the next day.

Many factors can influence sleep.

Eenauso, like a one-morning routine, is important is also one evening routine can help improve sleep quality. That means paying attention to, for example, going to sleep at the same time as possible in the evening TV and cell phone use should be avoided to drink tea or Last meal 3 hours before bedtime.

Once you’re in bed, you’re one too good sleeping position important for the body to regenerate well. So that’s what they play for. Choice of bed and mattress has one decisive role. It allows your joints, muscles, and bones to relax optimally.

The bed for athletes

Restful sleep is essential for one good quality of life, but also for you as an athlete. That’s how you do it; yours improve recovery, to be even more active and efficient in training. The feeling of being fresh, rested, concentrated, and full of energy is very important to me.

It is because the mineral-rich substance Celliant® is incorporated into the fiber of the topper, which makes your regeneration and recovery good. In addition, the reflected infrared rays increase the oxygen content in your cells for more energy and faster muscle regeneration.

The goal is to optimally regenerate your body with all centers for a perfect rest to care for and reduce sleep needs. Tensions are relaxed in the long term due to the special technology. The mattress adapts to your sleeping position. Here you can choose between 3 degrees of hardness. 

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