Set Goals And Achieve Them

Today’s blog post is about how you can use certain tips and tricks to motivate yourself to achieve your personal goals.

Define Your Goals

Are you looking for new motivation for sporting goals or new challenges in your everyday life? Then consciously set goals and make a plan for yourself on how to achieve them.

The better your goal is defined, the easier it is for you to achieve it. It is very important to write down your precisely defined goal.

Let’s say you want to be able to jog 10km straight but haven’t been jogging lately. Make your own training plan and think about how many times a week you really want to go jogging in order to get fitter step by step and to be able to continue jogging.

Don’t start with a plan where you go for a run every day. Start slowly and increase step by step.

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Set Yourself Intermediate Goals

If your goal cannot be achieved overnight, it is best to set small intermediate goals. Nothing will give you more motivation than successfully mastering small goals and challenges in everyday life every day and also integrating them into your everyday routine.

Set Yourself Intermediate Goals

In our example, start with a small distance of 1-3 km. If you have reached this, your next goal can be 5km, for example. Use the small successes as a motivational boost to keep going. Of course, the same works at work or in your private life.

Find The Right Motivation

As a partner for this blog post, we have the Kalinka Kefir from the Müller dairy at our side. This makes it an ideal companion for sports and my motivational helper for many challenges in (sporting) everyday life. The Kalinka Kefir is suitable both before and after training and fits into my high-carb, low-fat diet.

Keep Your Goals In Mind

Small gaps are quite normal. Neither in private life nor at work or in sports can everything always go 100% according to plan. Here it is important not to stick your head in the sand if the successes are not immediately visible.

Keep your goals in mind and look ahead positively. Never forget what your original goal is and remind yourself why you started in the first place and what you actually want to achieve this goal for. Accept a less successful moment from time to time and faster things will go well for you again.

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