Squats Exercise – Best Workout In The World?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s on Instagram or Facebook, the whole web is full of nice, firm buttocks. The buttocks are the new breasts. But why this sudden hype? The answer is squats!

Squats are one of the most intense, but also one of the most effective exercises in strength training. You form a cracking bottom in record time. The squat community likes to show off their results, and the message in the pictures is clear: if you do squats regularly, you’ll be rewarded with a firm buttock. But squats have many other advantages. We’ll tell you which ones – convince yourself of the squat effect!

What are the benefits of squat exercises? 10 reasons why squats are the best exercise in the world

1. Squats strengthen your core

A butt exercise for the abdomen? Yes, you heard me right. Incidentally, squats also have a great training effect on the core muscles, i.e. stomach and back. According to studies, properly executed squats are even more effective for the abdominal muscles than classic crunches.

2. Squats exercises strengthen knees and joints

Joints also need to be exercised to become stronger and to minimize the risk of injury. This is the only way they learn to produce more synovial fluid and optimize their blood circulation. It should not be forgotten that the most important factor for the stability of a joint is the surrounding musculature.

3. Squats: Fitness exercise in different versions

From pistol squats to single-leg squats, there are countless variations on the classic squat. And this variety should also be used because the body quickly gets used to movement sequences, so you should always challenge it anew. Also integrate dumbbells, kettlebells, or balls into your squat workout. This gives you twice the training effect.

4. Squats are free

Squats are probably one of the cheapest fitness exercises out there. All you need are your two legs and if you still feel like it, a pair of dumbbells, although you can also use two filled water bottles here. The squat exercise is that easy!

5. Squats train the whole body

With squat exercises, not only buttocks and thighs are required, but the whole body is in action. Squats are so intense that during the execution, the body releases hormones that are essential for overall muscle building. So if you want to keep your whole body in shape, squats are perfect. You can count on the squat effect!

Squats train the whole body

6. Squats burn a lot of fat

As we know, muscle burns fat, meaning the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. Squats are a real fat-burning engine (even when you are at rest) because they promote muscle growth and the afterburn effect is very large.

7. Squats improve your performance

Done properly and cleanly, squats can significantly improve your overall athletic performance. The speed of a runner depends fundamentally on his leg muscles, the stronger they are, the faster he runs. Studies show that athletes who regularly integrate squats into their workout are significantly more efficient than those who do without them.

8. Squats Exercises fight cellulite

The intensive muscle activity improves your blood circulation and helps to remove waste products. As a result, your organs are better supplied with nutrients and the tissue is strengthened. In addition, muscles are built up, which means that sagging skin is significantly tightened.

9. Squats improve your posture

When performing the squat, you have to constantly focus on maintaining balance, which strengthens your entire core muscles. This helps you sit, stand, and walk upright. It also prevents back pain.

10. Squats form a bubble butt

Last but not least, the endless benefits of squats fitness exercise wouldn’t be complete without the butt lifting effect. Like no other exercise, squats turn a flat bottom into nice, firm curves within a very short time.

And now we’ll show you exactly how to do the squat exercise correctly. Put on your training outfit and off you go!

Squat exercise done right:

  1. Place feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart.
  2. Important: Knees and toes always point in the same direction.
  3. Make a small forward bend in your upper body while holding the arms horizontally in front of you.
  4. Tighten your body and keep your back straight.
  5. Now try to squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor (your butt will push back as you do this).
  6. If possible, your knees should not protrude past the tips of your toes.
  7. Forcefully bring your body back to the starting position by applying pressure to your heels.
  8. Gradually increase the number of repetitions to achieve the desired training effect.

Tip for your squats fitness exercise:

Integrate dumbbells into your squats workout or put on a stuffed backpack to make the exercise harder!

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