Strengthen Ankle – exercises to do at home

In today’s blog post, I’ll show you various exercises that you can use to strengthen ankle.

Strengthen the ankle and prevent injuries

After this Blog post about ankle taping with the TRUETAPE kinesiology tape. Today, we will show you which exercises you can use to strengthen your ankle after an injury or, ideally, prevent an injury in advance.

Exercises to strengthen your ankle

Ankle activation

Strengthen ankle, activate ankle, exercise

Start with a stable stance. Then tip one foot sideways over the outside edge as far as it will go. Hold this stretch briefly and come back to the starting position. Do 10 repetitions of this per side. This activation of the ankle is recommended, for example, before exercises such as squats, in order to mobilize the ankle.

Foot Arch Stretch

Plantar Fascia Stretching Workout, Exercises

Again, start with a stable stance. Your feet are parallel. Now lift one foot and come down on the mat with the top of your toes. Stretch here until you feel tension. Hold the position, then slowly release the stretch. Do 10 repetitions per side here. Make sure your foot stays straight and doesn’t “dodge” to the side.

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Calf Raises

Calf raises, ankle, exercise, calves

Pressure on the ball of the foot, heel goes up vertically, lower slowly, and in a controlled manner. Start with both legs. Later, the exercise can also be done with one leg. You can also use the backrest of a chair as a support at the beginning.

Toe Touches

Coordination, ankle exercise

Another leg is stretched out and the toe touches the mat first in front of the body and then behind the body. Maintain a stable stance. Look forward.

One Leg Stand & Stand Scale

Stand scale, one-leg stand, truetape, strengthen ankle

Start in a one-legged stand and pull the other knee up. Now you slowly bend forward. Extend your leg backward, making sure your torso stays in line with your leg. Keep your hips straight, tighten your abdominal muscles and maintain a stable stance.

Additional stability thanks to the TRUETAPE Kinesiotape

In addition to the exercises shown above, TRUETAPE gives me additional stability, especially during intense workouts or runs. Even without injury, various ligaments or muscles can be strengthened so that you can get your maximum performance.

Tape for an acute injury

If you have an acute injury despite a strong ankle, there are one here too Lymphtape tape instructions from TRUETAPE for you:

With such a lymph tape you can counteract the swelling in the event of an acute injury or twisting of the ankle. If you are in severe pain, you should of course still consult a doctor and have your foot examined by a professional.


It is best to include a few of the exercises shown above in your training. You can do them, for example, at the end of your leg workout. So hopefully you will be spared an injury. If you still have acute swelling or an unstable joint, you can easily put on a kinescope yourself.

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