Super effective good morning workout: fit in 10 minutes!

Studies have shown that a short workout before breakfast can significantly increase fat burning. The great thing about it: 10 minutes is enough!

No time for training? This excuse no longer applies! A simple morning ritual can transform your entire day—in a positive way. The best time for this: is in the morning after getting up, before breakfast.

Why? At this point, glycogen levels are very low, resulting in a higher rate of metabolism and fat burning. Also: After a short good morning workout, you are much more energetic during the day, can concentrate better, and are in a better mood.

The cells are better supplied with blood and you burn more calories during the day. If training is scheduled in the evening, the likelihood of something interfering or making excuses increases. However, if you have already completed the training in the morning, you can look forward to the rest of the day much more relaxed.

If you are short on time, circuit training is the best way to combine strength and endurance. Each Good Morning Workout exercise consists of 12 repetitions. The cardio exercises are performed for one minute at a time, with as few breaks as possible. Minimum effort for maximum results!

Your new morning routine: lemon water and a good morning workout

It’s best to drink a large glass of warm water with lemon as soon as you wake up to get your metabolism and fat burning going. Then you can start training straight away!

Our good morning workout is even more fun with the right sports outfit!

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The quick workout for an energetic start to the day:

Warm up: 1min jump rope

Starting position: Standing. Hold the end of a rope in each hand and stand in front of the rope.

  • Pull the rope over your head with your arms raised.
  • Jump over the rope as soon as it’s in front of you.
  • Your Good Morning Workout plan specifies how many times you should do this activity each day.

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