Testosterone Deficiency In Men

Today’s blog post is about the topic of Testosterone deficiency in men.

The topic of testosterone is often a taboo subject and is often associated with doping, especially in connection with fitness sports. Nevertheless, testosterone is a hormone that everyone produces themselves. Especially in men it plays an important role and has many functions in the body.

Tired and unmotivated?

Do you feel tired and have no drive? Training isn’t going well and you can’t reduce your body fat percentage, even though you’re training as usual?

testosterone deficiency

Nowadays people like to blame such problems on stress. Of course, stress can be a barrier to athletic progress. If your everyday life is very stressful, it is best to try to reduce the stress as much as possible. A healthy and balanced diet is also a very good basis.

However, there may be another reason for your situation. A testosterone deficiency can be recognized by a variety of symptoms.

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Common symptoms of testosterone deficiency:

  • loss of libido
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • sleep disorders
  • mood swings
  • depressive moods
  • irritation
  • difficulty concentrating
  • exhaustion
  • listlessness
  • hot flashes

Depending on the case more or less of these symptoms appear. The symptoms often affect not only the man but also his partner, as well as friends, family, or colleagues at work. In an estimated at least every 5th man over 60 years of age is a testosterone deficiency Reason for listlessness and listlessness.

So it’s not the “everyday stress” that makes you limp, but actually the lack of an important hormone in the body.

If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms, it is best to have your testosterone levels checked at a doctor’s visit.

Testosterone Therapy As A Solution

If a man’s testosterone levels are proven to be too low, there is the possibility of one testosterone therapy. Here you get an appropriate dose of testosterone so that the normal value can be restored.

Here, too, it is of course not doping, since you only reach a value that you should normally have naturally at the appropriate age.

Reimbursement by health insurance

If symptoms of a testosterone deficiency are present and this is proven by two-morning measurements on two different days, this is often the case for health insurance for testosterone therapy.

How Does Testosterone Therapy Affect The Body?

Short-term effect (after approx. 4 weeks)

  • Higher energy level
  • Better mood
  • Increased libido (better performance and more quality of life)

Medium-term effect (after 3-6 months):

  • Fat loss (especially in the abdominal region) and generally sinking body fat percentage
  • Depending on movement and activity, muscle mass increases slightly
    Improvement in erectile function

Long-term effects (from 6 months):

  • lowering of blood pressure
  • Improvement in blood sugar and blood fat levels (e.g. cholesterol)
  • the progression of (pre) type 2 diabetes can be counteracted, especially in “risk patients” with other diseases (e.g. cardiovascular diseases, diabetes type 2) the mortality risk demonstrably decreases with long-term therapy / long-term therapy

Correct action of PDE-5 inhibitors

A PDE-5 inhibitor (often also called a sexual enhancer) only works properly in the body if it does enough testosterone is available. If you suffer from a deficiency here, the PDE-5 inhibitors often do not work as they should.

A testosterone deficiency is a cause in about 50% of cases if the effect is not satisfactory here. In these ED patients, if the deficiency is treated (and if necessary the PDE-5 inhibitor is taken), then one usually results in significant improvement in erectile function.

Do the self-test

A lack of testosterone is often only associated with poor libido. As you have seen, there are many more symptoms that can indicate an acute lack of testosterone.

At Mannvital you can do your own quick test here.


As you can see, a testosterone deficiency is much more common than you might think. If you suffer from the symptoms described, do not hesitate to visit a doctor and have your values ​​checked.

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