The Role Of Time Under Tension In Strength Training

How fast, how slow, or how good do you feel? When it comes to strength training, what is the ideal speed of movement? According to research, the vast majority of athletes are just beginning their journeys.

Inconveniently, the right pace of movement execution is critical to the success of a workout. Find out more about the stress of time.

The meaning of time under tension

Starting with the fundamentals, let’s begin: When we move a dumbbell, barbell, or even our own body weight, we put a strain on our bodies. Regardless of how we train, we put a strain on our bodies. This is because as the weight increases, so does the tension in the muscles.

That is what studies say about time under tension

It was long held that a slow, steady movement with a long period of tension was the best way to build muscle. This is not the case, however, according to a recent study published a few years ago.

  • Participants in the study had to do strength training for a period of time.
  • The bench press was completed by both groups of probands.
  • During both the concentric and eccentric phases, one group should take four seconds. The second group should work at a two-second pace, as well.
  • The 2-second group saw the greatest gains in performance.
  • In the 2-second group, IGF-1 hormone release was significantly higher, which is the explanation. IGF-1 is the muscle-building agent.

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An important tip for beginners

The two-second rhythm of the bench press is well-known to anyone who has done the exercise. To summarize, the correct execution of the movement is more important than the speed of the movement when you’re just starting out with strength training or trying out a new exercise.

The risk of injury is simply too high otherwise. The only logical conclusion is that the rate of movement should be quickened. Strength training’s first and most important rule is that of technique over rate.

bench press

The concentric and eccentric phases of most strength exercises are separated. Focus on the bench press for now. The concentric phase begins when you begin to lift the weight. The eccentric phase occurs when you lower the weight.

The eccentric phase of training is often overlooked by athletes, according to research. Gravity explains why this is the case. Eccentric exercises are frequently performed too quickly and incorrectly. Both your joints and the training effect will suffer as a result of this. You can build a lot more strength during the eccentric phase.

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