WE TIME – Train Together

Exercising with friends, family, or in a sports group has a number of incredible benefits. Not only does it increase motivation, engagement, and drive, but it is also the ideal way to spend time with loved ones, meet new people and boost mental health.

Endure Together

If you train with a friend or a group, you’ll be more consistent because not only are you committed to training, but you’re also on a date with someone. This avoids them simply canceling when they don’t feel like it. Someone waiting for you motivates you and keeps you on track and – instead of at home in bed – fit and healthy.

Endure Together

Gain Motivation

Getting motivated and energized by exercising with others. You’re more inspired to exercise, improve your fitness level, push yourself, and reach your goals.

Other people’s energy can spur you on to try harder. Some studies have confirmed that training with a partner significantly increases the time you spend exercising and improves performance. Healthy competition is also a great motivator for certain personality types.

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Socialize And Improve Mental Health

Participation in, for example, an outdoor course in a group or just hanging out with a friend at the gym is a great way to socialize. We’re social creatures who need to spend time with others, and socializing has a positive impact on mental health.

Group courses are a good way to meet new people, expand your circle of acquaintances and make friends. They offer a shared experience that connects and a set time to see each other regularly. Exercising with others creates a great sense of togetherness as everyone is pursuing the same goal.

While any type of exercise releases endorphins, group classes can give you another boost just by smiling! Smiling increases endorphin levels and a fun workout is guaranteed to put a grin on your face.

And if you’re a David Lloyd Meridian member, you can also enjoy a recovery shake or even a meal together in our clubroom after your workout. At the fit bar, you have a large selection of delicious snacks and drinks!

To Try Something New

When you’re alone, it can be intimidating to try a new class or type of workout. It’s easier to try new things and step out of your comfort zone with a friend when they have support.

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Spend Lots Of Time Together

Exercising with a friend, your partner, or your kids is the perfect opportunity to spend time with a loved one. It’s a fun and healthy way to spend time together, share a shared experience, and enjoy each other’s company.

Plus, when you exercise together, you’re helping each other stay healthy and active, foster good habits, and inspire joy in exercise. With us, reuniting the whole family is made easy. Use our meridian Offer with a variety of activities for children, while you can train together with your partner or friends or enjoy a break in our wellness area.

Friends Recruit Friends

Are you a member and have friends with whom you would like to train with us? Our members can easily nominate their friends and family through our app. When you become a member, you will receive 70 euros for the recommendation.

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