World Men’s Day – Men’s health is not a taboo topic!

Today’s blog post on International Men’s Day is about the topic “men’s health“.

Even in 2020, male health is still an issue big taboo subject. To this day, many men are reluctant to visit a doctor. This starts with a simple explanation and goes from acute injuries to serious pain or long-term suffering, discomfort, or even depression.

Men’s health is not a taboo subject!

In addition to acute physical pain, there are also a lot of ailments that you should talk openly about with your doctor or with your friends and family.

Signs of low testosterone

from one listlessness above sleep disorders, mood swings, the increase in body fat up to Loss of the libido, depression upsets, or erectile dysfunction may experience one or more of these symptoms as Signs of low testosterone. All too often, however, these are not recognized, but simply with “a little too much stress‘ dismissed as tolerable.

However, a testosterone deficiency can have serious consequences entail. It can Problems in personal life and relationships come or to one decreased performance at work. Unfortunately, it often takes far too long for the man to recognize his situation and actually go to the doctor.

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Be open and let yourself be examined

If you suffer from the above symptoms, do not hesitate to see a doctor. Dare to speak openly about your state of mind or your problems. This is not a reason to be ashamed and only in this way can you be helped.

Testosterone Therapy

A testosterone deficiency can, by the way, do very well with testosterone therapy be treated.

Short-term successes are often already after the first four weeks to recognize. These include one Increase in energy level one improved mood and an increase in libido.

Medium-term and long-term can be avoided with an appropriate diet and sufficient exercise or sports Reduced body fat while building muscle mass. Additionally, blood pressure decreases, and Blood sugar levels improve.

One a detailed list of benefits I’ll tell you about testosterone therapy here in my blog post about testosterone deficiency in men.


As you can see, there is no need for false pride. Be open and see a doctor if you’re not feeling well. It doesn’t have to be an emergency before you can seek help.

Of course, I hope that you are doing well and that you have a great International Men’s Day.

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